Revisiting Things I Wanted To Learn How To Do

I was thinking about this post I put up on Instagram last year on things I would love to learn how to do randomly today and if I ever attempted to learn about them lol. Not sure why this was on my mind but I thought it would make for a great post. I know we say we want to do and learn certain things but sometimes don’t have a plan of action. I do that a lot when I say I want to try something new but no plan of how I’ll achieve it.

I want to get more into the habit of making a plan to make things happen instead of just going off a thought I had. Well these are the things I said I wanted to learn how to do and I don’t think I did too much of any of them since last year lol:

Edit Videos And Pictures Better: Well, I have done a bit of this. I love trying out different transitions in some of my posts and sometimes practice editing pictures. I know I need to do more of this especially in anything I post on social media. I really want to get better at editing my YouTube videos and creating better thumbnails.

Different Cooking Techniques: I think I need to find an actually cooking class instead of just watching Food Network (which I love watching by the way). I really want to improve my knife skills and just learn different ways of cooking. I do have a few cookbooks that may help with that so I just need to get into some of them.

Different Filming Techniques: I really admire people that can get different angles and use different techniques while filming. I know a lot of people have two cameras and the equipment to achieve that and that is where I think I fall short. I would love to elevate how I film and try different things but I feel like I need the second camera or the different tripods and holders to achieve those things. I may be overthinking things per usual and just need to try things out with what I do have.

Photography: Now I do take random pictures just about every week but majority of them are on my phone. I need to start breaking out my camera and start taking pictures and it would tie in with the editing. It is easier to just break out your phone to snap a picture instead fumbling with a camera. We’ll work on this more.

Better Lighting With Videos and Pictures: I have the lighting, just need to figure it out. I think I am just stuck on not having dedicated space to film and take pictures, if you see I’m always filming in my bathroom. I would love a bigger space to break out everything and experiment with lighting, filming and so on. I’ll figure it out.

Okay so I did better than I thought with everything. Honestly with most of it, I just need to get out of my own head and figure out a way. I know I can work on these things into next year. What is something you would love to learn how to do or improve on? Let’s chat!

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