Visit To Fox Hollow Vineyard

Happy Sunday. If you don’t know, wine is my BFF and anytime I get to go to a winery, I will always be in. Yesterday I had the chance to visit Fox Hollow Vineyard and it is something that is on my Fall Bucket List for this year. Thanks to one of my content creator friends for the invite, I actually had a really good time yesterday.

This Vineyard was a little over an hour away from where I live and I didn’t mind the drive. I love visiting new towns and cities in my home state and this town was so pretty. There were so many huge and beautiful mansions I saw on the drive, wish I was able to take some pictures.

So it is self parking when you arrive but there is plenty of parking so you don’t have the worry . One of the first things I noticed walking up is there is plenty of places to sit. I loved how there were different areas to sit so you don’t have to worry about seating when you get there. I also love that this Vineyard is strictly 21 and over, no children are allowed. It’s perfect for those parents needing a day away from the kids or adults that want to enjoy a place without children running around.

So when we went yesterday it was pretty crowded which is expected for a nice Fall day. You had to wait in one line to order food and wine. They only sell wine by the glass and you can only take bottles home to go. It is smart if you do go, buy 2 or 3 glasses of wine at a time so you don’t have to keep waiting in line. Also order your food at the same time. I loved that they had more than the typical cheese and crakers. I got the pretzels which were really good and enjoyed 3 glasses of wine. I loved the white wines over the red that I tried.

Fox Hollow also offers wine tastings and there was a separate room for that. We didn’t do the tasting this time but next time I go back, I will definitely do the wine tasting. I will say pricing for glasses of wine is between 10 and 12 dollars and food is between 6 and 12 dollars so you may be spending a bit. I’m not sure how much the wine tasting is but I’m sure it is not that much.

Overall I really had a good time and left with 2 bottles of wine. The only thing I didn’t like was there were porter potties there and not actual bathrooms. I’m not sure if they did that for the large crowd but I’m not a fan of them. Also I’m curious if this place as adequate seating inside as it is starting to get cold outside.

I would highly recommend visiting this Vineyard if you are ever in the Central Jersey area. It would great for a girls day, time away without the kids or just somewhere fun to go over the weekend.

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