Know Your Worth

The other day I was in my feelings about work and other things and it dawned on me to know what I’m worth. You shouldn’t be staying in places that you don’t feel valued or respected and that includes the workplace, relationships, friendships and so on. You shouldn’t be sitting around questioning yourself, doubting yourself, being miserable and just not happy. You should know what you deserve and not settle for anything less than that. I had to learn this the hard way and if people can’t understand it or respect your boundaries, it is okay to walk away from the situation. It is going to hurt but you’ll feel better in the long run.

I spent a lot of time in places where I knew I deserved better but I got comfortable, didn’t know how to speak up or leave the situation. I am someone who doesn’t like confrontation or getting into arguments with people. I just get uncomfortable if I have to have those difficult conversations with people and honestly just let things go and never say anything. I know that is really bad but and I should know better. I started to distance myself from those people who weren’t being so supportive, were being shady and just not good energy. A simple conversation may have helped but not all friendships are made to last forever. There are some that are just for a season and some that are for lifetime and honestly it is okay to step away from those friendships that you feel is no longer serving you.

And big emphasis on knowing your worth in the workplace. I’ve stayed working somewhere not knowing that I was worth more and knew I deserved better. I just got comfortable and kept working because I needed the money and knew I just couldn’t walk away with no job and money saved to get me by for a while. It took such a toll on my mental health especially in my previous job and now where I’m currently working. I am just in the mindset that I have to work and keep showing up everyday because I have a family to support and I need this job. I have learned to take those mental health days or leave early because I am at my breaking point emotionally. I just can’t keep showing up broken and not fully into being somewhere because of the financial aspect. I know that I deserve to be somewhere I am respected, management actually cares and listens, they guide me into excelling with the company and also paid what I am worth. I know it is basically non existent to be in workplace that doesn’t have a toxic environment especially being a person of color. We are not always treated fairly and respected in the workplace and I wish things would change with that. Please do not stay in spaces where you don’t feel like you belong, you’re not being treated fairly and start doubting what you are worth.

Just know you deserve everything you work so hard for and should not settle for less. You know what you are worth and always stand by it. I know this is something I need to speak more into existence and believe but just wanted to get this message to you if you needed it.

2 thoughts on “Know Your Worth

  1. I love this and it hit home, especially being a women of color. Yesterday was my last day at a job that I worked at for three years. It was sad, but I had to leave. When that toxicity begins to effect you subconsciously, it’s time to go! Thank you for sharing!

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