On A Personal Note….

I can honestly say that 2022 started off okay but can admit that I am not fully okay. Honestly it is some stuff going on at work that is triggering me from my previous work environment. I am figuring out how to best deal with this extra added stress and frustration I really don’t need. Ugh! Anyway I’m starting out the next year trying to break bad habits and replace them with new healthy ones. I feel this is a good start to the year so I can break out of the negative toxic cycle I’ve been on the past few years. I just want to learn from my past mistakes and get on the right track.

Other than that, I am just excited for a new start and a new year. I was just hoping Rona and Omarion would make their exit but it just looks like they will be around for a while. I was hoping this would all be under control by now but nope. It is just disappointing that we are still living like this, people are still losing their lives, the inflation, shortages and so much more. I feel like many of us wanted things to go back to “normal” and the way they were but I feel like it won’t be that any time soon. I really miss going to events, meeting new people and interacting in person. I hope in the near future things will get back to some sort of normalcy.

I just really want to be more transparent and not afraid to share things. It is okay to admit when you are not okay. My life is not always so cheery and happy like you my see online and I want to share more of that. Hopefully you all are having a great start to 2022. Have you set goals, intentions, resolutions for this year? Let’s chat!

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