Revisiting Self Care

I think sometime last year I was trying to define self care for myself. It was back in April that I posted a video on refining it for myself, learning to refuel and recharge and so on. Can I be totally honest? I haven not done much of anything for myself since then. I have been running on fumes and running on empty majority of the time. It is hard to take time out for myself or even get a moment to myself. When I’m at work, I am super busy and barely even take a lunch or even eat lunch (which is not good at all). I really want to work on that because I can’t keep going all day with out anything and keep pushing myself to work. When I get home, I have a whole family that needs me including the dog and it barely get a few minutes to unwind and decompress from the day.

I told myself I wanted to do this for self care, take a bath once a week, have an hour of quiet time or time to myself and so on and I haven’t taken any time to myself or carved out any self care time. I’m so worried about others that I keep putting myself on the back burner and it is starting to take its toll on me. I keep pouring into others and pouring into cup without being refilled myself. I honest want that self care time and want that time to myself a few times during the week but it can be hard.

I honestly forgot about defining what self care looks like for me, what I would consider self care (and I still think solo trips to Target counts as self care lol) and so on. I really want to reevaluate this before I burn out. I can’t keep putting this to the side or as an afterthought. Self care is not selfish and is so necessary to be sane and balanced. I am going to continue working on this and making time for me.

Do you practice self care? What does self care look like for you? Let’s chat!

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