Random Questions

I randomly had a thought today while I was driving to and from work. Where do I see my blog and content in 5 years? Will I shift from what I’ve been doing? I recently seen a few people I follow online shift their content and name after so many years. They moved with how their lives were going and I honestly just wonder about that. Will I still be blogging about natural hair? Beauty/ Makeup? or will I shift at some point? Will I still be blogging in 5 years?

I know I can’t rush things and can’t force them but I wonder how I will shift. I guess things will come to me along the way and I’ll know where I am supposed to go and shift to. I am excited for this journey and to see how I’ll grow and evolve in my content and blog.

Where do you seeing yourself shifting and growing into over the next 5 years? Let’s chat.

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