Feeling A Shift….Wanting To Try Something Different

I know I’m supposed to be on a break and this is not my typical day to post but just had to get this out. Since I haven’t been creating content and trying to get myself together, I have a lot more time to time and brainstorm about things. I feel like I’m shifting again to go in a different direction with my content. I still want to continue blogging about beauty, natural hair, my life and so on but I want to broaden my horizon and try some new things.

I also feel myself shifting into posting when I feel like it and not sticking to a set schedule. I know you’re “supposed” to have a set schedule so people know when you are posting something but I want to try it out. I know a schedule helped but it was restricting at the same time. I felt like I could only post on those days and couldn’t do anything outside of my normal schedule. I just want to define blogging for myself and not be so typical (no offense). I just feel like this would better fit my new schedule now. I am still working on finding a set schedule to type out posts, film and edit ahead of time so I have content ready but not stick to a certain schedule. I’ll see how this works out and experiment with it.

I guess this year 8 of blogging, I want to do things on my terms and not conform to what others are doing. I want to do things for myself and not so much keep up with the Jones’s and everyone else. Of course I’ll be giving notice of when things are coming but I feel like this is the direction I am going in now in my blogging journey. Just want things to be fun for me again and just want to enjoy creating content. So now I’ll go back on my little break but will be back soon!

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