October Monthly Goals

It is really October now, just two more months to survive of 2020. I often joke that you could write a book on 2020 and every month is a chapter in that book. Anyway let’s get into these goals for October.

Write Everyday for Blogtober on Tumblr

I was debating on doing Blogtober on here but I loved doing Blogmas so much last year lol. I normally use my Tumblr account for brain dumping, things that could be potential blog posts, my random thoughts and feelings. I haven’t been writing on there as much but want to get back to it. It really helps to clear my mind so I’m not so overwhelmed and frustrated. I rarely share my Tumblr account because my thoughts can be a lot for some and how I talk about my life. Plus I feel it is a no judgement zone for me to write however I want. I may share at a later time, not sure yet.

Post Everyday On IG and Facebook

Now I know this will be a challenge but I am up to it. I have been trying to engage with my Facebook group for my blog for a while and its like crickets at times. I’ll ask questions, for suggestions and nothing. I don’t utilize the stories on there and maybe I’ll try that. I don’t want to give up so easily on that platform. I have followers on there who do not have IG or other social media platforms that I may be on. As for IG…I know this may be a struggle but I want to challenge myself to share meaningful and intentional content. I don’t want to post just to be posting. I also want to try my hand at the Reels features on there. Some many people have been using them and it just looks fun. If you are not currently following me on either platform, I can be found on Facebook under Naturalle Drea and Instagram naturalle_drea.

Do you have any goals set for this month? Are you still setting goals? Let me know. See you guys Friday!

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