September Monthly Goals

Can you believe it is September already? Where did the Summer go? This year so far has been a lot and I know we just want to survive the rest of 2020. If you haven’t already, you should take a break from social media if it is becoming too much or just take a break in general. I did and it felt really good and refreshing.

Let’s hop into these goals for September.

Practice More Self Love and Gratitude

I feel like I have been so hard on myself lately and filling my head with a bunch of negative thoughts. I’ve been doubting myself a lot and lots of self sabotage. I don’t take care of myself enough and need to start doing so.

Healthier Eating and Snacking

Since we’ve been in quarantine, I have been snacking so much more and not so healthy snacks. I haven’t been exercising much and want to get back to being more healthy. I started back to drinking lots of water everyday (half gallon) and want to start eating a little better.

I didn’t want to focus on too may goals this month so I’m not so overwhelmed. I have a good feeling about my goals this month. Have you set goals for this month or still working on goals? Let me know

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