YouTube Friday’s: Naturalle Drea Tries Braid and Curl

Happy Friday! I am always happy when the weekend comes around again. It is just a time to relax and recharge before starting the work week again.

Today I’m starting a new series on my channel called Natural Drea Tries. There are so many hairstyles and makeup techniques that I’ve been wanting to try for a while and figured I would make a series out of it. We are starting with a hair tutorial obviously lol. I tried a braid and curl for the first time and have to say it was pretty successful. I used a few products from Opulent Hair Essentials which is a Black Owned Business and you can use my code Drea 15 to save some coins at checkout.

I’m excited for this new series and trying out new things. What is something new that you tried recently? Let me know. Have a great weekend and see you guys Tuesday!

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