August Monthly Goals

New month, new goals! I cannot believe it is August already! Time is really flying and I hope the rest of 2020 will give us a break please lol. Let’s jump into these goals for this month.

Promoting And Continue Working On Newsletter

Yes this was a goal for last month and I was supposed to relaunch next week but for some reason, I wasn’t excited about it anymore. I started to doubt myself and let fear get in the way again. I stopped promoting it and stopped working on the newsletter but I can’t give up. So this month will be more work and better promotion to launch next month.

Focus More On Pinterest To Grow And Use More

I did the work and research a few months ago and just fell off from using it. Pinterest is such an underrated tool for your content, I was using it before to plan my wedding and for ideas around the house but it can be used for your blog or social media content. I started pinning my blog posts there and stopped. I just need to make a schedule for when I will post and promote there.

More Self Care During The Week

This working from home and being home more often can be a lot. Its not like I can just go to the massage place or cruise the mall. I don’t take enough time for myself and need to practice more self care. I know when the weather is good and I wake up early enough, I would sit outside in my backyard and enjoy the sounds of nature and the sun. I just need to amp it up more during the week.

So those are my goals for the month. I know I can accomplish them. Do you have any goals for this month or still working on for the year? Let me know how you are making out! See you guys Thursday!

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