YouTube Fridays: Using A Mousse To Style My Wash N Go

As some of you may or may not know, I also have a YouTube channel that I post videos to every Friday(make sure you are subscribed if you are not already). I would love to attempt to record and upload more videos but I’ll stick with once a week for now. I already have a lot on my plate with working from home and keeping sane during this pandemic.

Today I am kind of starting my Wash N Go series up again that I started a few years ago on my channel. I would basically use different products each week to wash and style my hair during the Summer months. So today I tried using a mousse for the first time and really love my results. I used the Hydrating Vitamin Curl Mousse by Bask & Bloom (Black Owned Business by the way) to style my hair. I used this mousse before for another style but wanted to try it for a wash n go and it was successful.

What are currently loving to wash and style your hair with? Let me know so I can check it. Hope you have a great weekend and see you next Tuesday!

~***Drea Notes***~

I have been a little anxious to get out the house more to stores but still want to be safe about being out and about. I just hope they get this virus under control soon.

I think my husband and I are addicted to oysters now lol. A new seafood place opened up near me and we have been ordering them like every week lol. I want to get some crab legs next time because I have not had them in a long time lol.

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