Opulent Hair Essentials Demo

If you know me, I am a hair products junkie. I can’t help it when I see new brands I’ve never tried before or my favorite brands launches something new. I just love hair products lol. Today I am sharing a demo on some products by Opulent Hair Essentials which is a black owned business.

I discovered this brand on Instagram and saw a couple of my fellow curl friends demo a few of their products. I was impressed with their results so I had to pick up a few things. I will be doing an in-depth review of the following products featured in the video later:

Do The Dew Deep Conditioner

Do The Dew Leave In Conditioner

Groovy Hair Smoothie Styling Cream

Let me know some of your favorite products at the moment. Hope you have a great weekend and see you Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Opulent Hair Essentials Demo

  1. You always do some of the best reviews on black owned products. I definitely need to try these hair products! I love their names. I’m still kinda blah too with everything that has taken place. I still feel like people will have this misconception that we don’t value other lives & people will still be racist. I pray for change, I pray that I can so,show take a stand and I pray my kids will learn thru is the power of their greatness. Happy Belated Anniversary! My husband thinks we need a whole house surge protector because every time a bad storm comes, something electronic always goes out.

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