April Monthly Goals

It felt weird not seeing so many April Fool’s jokes this year but what is currently going on seems like one big joke. This is such an uncertain and confusing time for many of us and I hope that things start to get better and we get back to normal soon.

I am still moving forward with my monthly goals and have been seeing some progress and improvements. I know there is still work to do but I’m moving in the right direction. Here are the goals that I will be focusing on this month.

Research How To Create Pins For Blog Posts On Pinterest

Explore Final Cut Pro, Research How To Use It For Editing

Research LinkedIn, How To Get The Most Use Out Of It

Work On Waking Up Earlier

I know that last one is going to be a struggle but I’m determined to smash these goals this month. How are you making out with your goals? What have you accomplished so far? See you guys next week!

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