2019 Lessons: Stop Using Fear As An Excuse And Just Do It Scared

Be Fearless, Just push past the fear, do it scared or you’ll never do it at all are all things I’ve seen, read and tried to do but fear still got in the way. I always use fear as an excuse for something I didn’t do and could of done. I let fear get in the way of speaking up, setting boundaries, and so much I missed out on.

It is easier said than done to push past the fear. I know we all experience it at some point in our lives. Before I turned 30, I was so scared to leave my 20s. I had the fear of getting older and things falling apart but five years later, I’m still alive and made some things happen. It took a while to get over that fear but it happened eventually.

I am tired of letting fear hold me back from doing something, for setting that boundary and not caring if someone’s feelings get hurt, apply to be that ambassador despite the number of followers I have, speak up when something isn’t right and not feel guilty about, just stop getting in my own way. Fear is only hurting me more than it is helping that I’m tired at this point. I am just going to start doing things no matter how much it scares me. It is going to take some time doing this I’m determined to be a little more fearless next year.

If you struggled with fear getting in the way, how did you overcome?

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