2019 Taught Me: Can’t Complain If You Didn’t Put In The Work

I am breaking up the lessons I learned this year into individual posts so its not a long and drawn out one. This is one of the biggest lessons I learned this year and honestly grateful for it.

Success is the basic goal for anyone trying to persue their dreams and aspirations, correct? You want to achieve what you set out to do and it requires putting in some work. You can’t just say you want something to happen and expect it to magically appear. You can’t just pray for something and not put work behind it. This was me somewhat this year. I set out to do so much and ended up frustrated because of the lack of work.

I can be hard on myself sometimes and I know my full potential but I wasn’t using it. I kept getting in my own way and letting fear interfere as well. I was placing blame on everything else except myself. I can’t complain about things that didn’t happen if I didn’t work hard enough for it. It reminds me of something Myleik Teele put up online that really resonated with me.

I feel like this year was another year to continue learning about myself and I honestly needed this wake up call. There were so many things I fell short on achieving because I didn’t push that extra mile or put in that extra effort. It may sound a little harsh but I want to be true and transparent here. I know I could of put out better content at times or taken a little extra time to edit a picture through Lightroom or did a little more research.

I honestly don’t think I completely failed myself this year. I put out my newsletter scared that no one would subscribe or want to read it and 23 subscribers later I’m still doing it. I actually did something that honestly scared me but I did it anyway. I talked about it for too long and one day just did it. As the people say you have to do things when you’re not ready or you never will.

I am not claiming defeat here, I’m still pushing past the fear which is easier said than done. I am determined to reach those goals I set up for myself. I just need to take this one day at a time and not overwhelm myself. Frustration, fear, tears, set backs are all part of the process to success. It doesn’t come easy but feels good when you finally get over the finish line.

2 thoughts on “2019 Taught Me: Can’t Complain If You Didn’t Put In The Work

  1. Omg, yes to all of this! I needed to read this… a lot of times we don’t take responsibility for certain situations and this post was an eye opener for me. I can’t blame anyone else for me not reaching certain goals this year. We can continue to pray for things all we want, but like you said, if we aren’t putting in work to make those changes then it doesn’t matter. God will only help us if we make those first steps! Thanks for this post sis!

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