Black Owned Business Feature: Kanani Kurls

If you know me by now, I’ll admit to being a hair product junkie lol. I just want to try everything out there and it is hard not to try everything lol. Kanani Kurls is a fairly new company to the natural hair world and fun fact about myself and the owner, we attended the same university and cheered for the same coach (at different times lol).

Kanani Kurls main focus is for everyone to embrace their natural self by using natural and organic products. I love seeing more and more companies using clean ingredients in their products so you know what you are putting on your hair and skin.

I have tried all the products except the pomade (tutorial will be coming soon) but have loved everything I have tried so far. You can view the wash day demo I did right here :

The Natural Hair Cleanser (not pictured) is really amazing. A little bit of this goes a long way and it leaves your hair feeling so clean and it is not drying at all.

I think the Conditioning Creme is my favorite because it is like a 3 in 1 product. You can use this as a rinse out conditioner, leave in and even a deep conditioner! I used this as a deep and leave in conditioner and my hair loved it. My hair felt so soft snd moisturized. It made detangling my hair easier and has pretty good slip as well.

I just have to say the Masami Oil smells amazing! All the products smell good but I’m obsessed with this scent. Besides the scent, I really love this oil. I used this as a hot oil treatment before washing my hair and it helped to melt the tangles and make wash day a little easier. You can also use this oil to seal in the moisture as well.

Overall everything from Kanani Kurls is amazing and worth trying out. So head over and support this Black Owned Business.

You can check them out right here:

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