Blogmas Day 2: Why I Failed in 2019

Now before I get into this post, read this one from last year,

I was so determined this year to level up and be a better version of myself not realizing I still had some lessons to learn about me. I just ran off with that theme for the year and thought I was ready to do all those things I set out to do. I know GOD was laughing at me knowing that 2019 wasn’t going as I thought it was going to.

The reason why I say that I failed this year is because I honestly didn’t listen to GOD obviously and didn’t listen to my intuition. I knew I was getting into too much and didn’t want to overwhelm myself again. I failed to just sit back, be patient and wait on things instead of trying to jump into too much. A lot of amazing things happened this year that I’ll get into later but the lessons I learned man, it just blew my mind.

Over the course of this Blogmas, I’ll get into those lessons and what 2019 has taught me. I didn’t want to do a long, drawn out post this year so look out for those posts.

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