Black Owned Business Feature: My Curly Temple

Even though it is September, Summer is not over just yet! I know we tend to associate this month with back to school, Fall, football season and we forget Summer is still around for a couple more weeks lol. Even though I feel like I failed at enjoying Summer this year again, I am going to try to make the most out of the next couple of weeks the season is still around.

I hope everyone enjoyed their extended weekend to relax or enjoy time with family. I did a little bit of both. Today on NaturalleDrea is another Black Owned Business Feature with My Curly Temple.

I discovered this company last year at the NJ Natural Hair and Beauty Expo I attended (and I will be back again this year). I was walking around and was immediately drawn to their table. I love discovering new hair products and companies, especially Black Owned ones. It was so hard not to pick up everything off the table but stuck with the basics of cleanser, moisturizer and styling product. I couldn’t wait to try everything but it got lost in my large stash of hair products lol.

My Curly Temple was created by Iyesis Gordon. She originally went to school to become a dental hygienist and discovered it was not her true passion. During that time, she was like many of us who big chopped or transition was trying to figure out how to care for our natural hair. Iyesis created products to promote hydration, scalp health and hair growth.

When I finally picked up the Black Coffee 2 in 1 Co-Wash one day, I was blown away by the results and fell in love with the product. I love that it is a cleanser and conditioner all in one to make wash day so much easier.

I haven’t tried the other products featured in the photos above but will be very soon. I love how the products have natural ingredients and just promote overall healthy hair. I would highly recommend trying to the Black Coffee co wash first but would encourage you to explore the other products on their site. You can find My Curly Temple right here:

So that is it for another Black Owned Business Feature. If you know of a Black Owned Business I should try or support, let me know in the comment sections. See you guys tomorrow.

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