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Wash N Go Demo Featuring Curls Dynasty

Where did Summer go? Why is September next week and already in back to school mode? Why did it go by so fast??

Hopefully you guys enjoyed your Summer. I attempted to but had some fun times. Anyway today I am bringing you a Wash N Go demo featuring products by Curls Dynasty. I picked up a few products at the Hue Affair a few months ago and heard pretty good reviews on them. I was so excited to try everything. Did I like the products? Would I recommend them? You have to watch the video to find out!

So that was it for another hair demo. Let me know if you tried these products before. Have a great weekend and see you Wednesday!

2 Responses to “Wash N Go Demo Featuring Curls Dynasty”

  1. naturallymadisen

    Great video! I love how your curls looked after applying the DC and your finished results. I’ve never tried any products from Curl Dynasty but I’ve heard amazing things about that brand. I’ll have to get some of their products soon, especially that DC!

    Liked by 1 person

    • naturalledrea

      Yes I think you will like them, especially the deep conditioner. Thanks for stopping my Madisen!



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