Naturalle Drea Turns 6!

August 27, 2013 I published my first blog post over on Blogger, my starter platform. I want to share that first post with you here: (you may want to grab a snack, this is going to be a long one but worth reading lol).

So I was just siting at home, folding clothes and cleaning (my normal on days off) and had a thought. All these makeup and hair products that I have been trying out, YouTube videos I’ve been watching, why not blog about it! I’m just getting back into really wearing makeup after having my son two years ago. No one ever really taught me how to properly apply makeup, I kinda just picked up things from friends, then eventually found the MAC counter and now the power of Social Media. I kinda wish that I was taught how but I’ve enjoyed learning the way I have. I also never really knew what products were the best, worst, and so on. In high school it was all about what I could afford, in college, one of my best friends told me about MAC and I was hooked ever since. Now from watching MUAs on YouTube and through Beautylish, I’ve learned there are so many other products out there. I just never knew about them until about a couple years ago. Now, I’m obsessed with trying out every and any product I can get my hands on. 

On my 24th birthday, I was at the salon getting my hair done and decided after that, I was going to stop relaxing my hair. I loved wearing my hair straight, how it felt and looked but I didn’t know how much damage I was causing it. My hair would only grow to a certain length then start breaking off. I have cut my hair short several times to see if it would grow really long and not shed so much. Going to the salon and getting it relaxed, wash, curled, colored was getting so expensive. So I started just going to the Dominican salons and having them blow my hair out. I noticed that it was growing, looking healthier and not as damaged. After a few years, I started to notice the natural hair movement starting to become big. I was scared on how my hair would act if I stopped straightening it or how I would wear it, what to use and so on. Thank goodness for social media, I never would of known all that I’m learning now about my natural hair. I stopped going to the salon a few months ago and I’m enjoying my natural hair journey.

I just want a place to come and talk about products I’m trying, how my hair journey is going and so on. Most of the time, I’m talking to a two year old and most moms know how that is. Just hope to really learn more along the way and hope who ever reads this does too. Enjoy!

It was crazy that I wrote those words 6 years ago and looking back on how far I have come is just crazy to me. I honestly jumped into this blogging world knowing nothing at all, I just taught myself along the way. I really wanted an outlet for myself to talk about all the things I love so much. I wanted an outlet outside of being a new mom, girlfriend at the time, working part time and coming to the demands of everyone else but mine. I wanted something just for myself. Fun fact, my blog was not originally named Naturalle Drea until January 2014. I didn’t take much thought into what I blog was called at first (SexxyMakeupHairMomma, what was I thinking lol). I thought of whatever came to mind not thinking about branding or any of that at the time. I am so glad I changed the name lol.

I remember back then when blogging was a lot more fun to me. I didn’t know about trying to monetize, brand myself or so on. I just wanted people to read my blog, interact with and would learn something from me. I didn’t know that you could receive PR packages, be a brand ambassador, have collaborations with companies and I sort of wish I still didn’t know those things now. I feel like I have gotten away from why I initially started this blog in the first place. I have literally driven myself crazy trying to reach some of those goals and slowly got away from why I was blogging. I am proud of my myself for keeping my promise of never giving up no matter what. I may not be monetizing, have that collaboration, have many commenters but I am still doing this 6 years later. I kept that promise to myself and intend to keep it.

The road to fulfilling your goals and dreams is not going to be an easy one. You have to be prepared for all the road blocks, dissapointments, upsets and so on that will be in the way. There were many nights of tears, frustrations, wanting to shut down my blog, not wanting to blog or create content but I pushed through it all. I kept remembering that promise I made to myself and encouraging comments from my followers that kept me going.

I am looking forward to what year 6 has in store for Naturalle Drea. I want to continue to bring the fun back into blogging, keep growing, keep learning about blogging and keep reaching others. I am so grateful to everyone who reads, shares with someone and keep encouraging me. I may not say it enough but I really appreciate each and everyone one of you so much. You keep me going and inspire me so much. I am going to keep this going even I never make a cent from this or become a brand ambassador again or have that product collaboration. If I inspire or reach one more person, I made my goal.

See you guys tomorrow!

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