How To Flip A Natural Hair Fail

I took a poll on my IG stories last week asking which style I should try next. It was between finger coils and bantu knot out and the finger coils won! I was so excited to try something new with my hair, I couldn’t wait. I watched a few tutorials and was ready to try it.

Things did not go as I expected them too as I was filming the tutorial. My hair was not cooperating and it started to become a fail. I stepped away from film to attempt fixing my hair but it just was going down the drain. As I started to give up, I thought about filming how I would fix this disaster and saved my hair.

I honestly wanted to film the hair fail and show how you can salvage your hair. I am determined to master this style, just have to keep trying different products and techniques. It is all trial and error with natural hair and I love it. If you have tried finger coils before, any tips, products suggestions are greatly appreciated! Enjoy!

Hope you guys have a great weekend and see you Wednesday!!

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