Bean Boozled Challenge

Can you believe how fast the Summer has flown by? I can’t get over that it is August already!!! I need to hurry up and get to the beach soon lol!

Today on the blog is something I am probably late on doing but my son has been asking to do this challenge with me for a while. If you don’t know about the bean boozled challenge, it is where you have jelly beans that look alike and you taste them to see if the flavor is a good one like Coconut or bad one like Spoiled Milk. We got a small box this time around and we may do this again and you will see why lol!

This was a fun one to film and I hope you guys enjoy.




So that is it for this challenge. Have you guys tried this before? Leave a comment below. Have a great weekend and see you guys Tuesday!!

4 thoughts on “Bean Boozled Challenge

  1. I love this! Your son is hilarious and just watching you guys interact is so fun! I never did the Beanboozled challenge but y’all made it look like fun ❤️❤️

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