Representation Matters!

I am slowly getting back into the swing of blogging. I needed to take a much needed break to clear my head and get things together. I am super excited to be making this transition to Word Press, not sure when but just excited for the move.

I remember when I was growing up, it was important to see people like myself on tv, magazines, movies and so on. The first for me was watching The Cosby Show. I was in awe to see an African American family on tv that you can relate to. You aspired to become a doctor or lawyer or even go to college. I loved the positive representation it showed me and I aspired one day to have a family like that.

I feel that it is important for everyone to have a positive representation of themselves. It is important for children to grow seeing people like themselves to aspire to be like. I’m not sure why people often debate this or feel it is not important but it is.

My son was born during Obama’s first term and I took him with me when he was running for reelection. He was so happy to see a representation of himself running this country and the first one at that. I aspired to like Michelle, she is so graceful, intelligent, beautiful and just a positive role model for all. Children now can say that I can be president because there was someone like them in office.

My son also loves all the Avenger characters and saw all the movies but it was something  different when Black Panther was coming out. He seemed more excited about this movie (I think we were more excited than he was lol) because there was a super hero that looked like him. We were all proud to go support this movie and it was more than amazing. Black Panther was not only an African American super hero but a positive one. People were even cheering for the villain which is very rare( I would cheer for Michael B. Jordan anytime lol). It was an amazing, positive and uplifting representation of us.

On the flip side, I know that reality tv is for entertainment but I don’t like how it sheds a negative light on us. I have watched a couple of these shows and I just couldn’t watch them anymore. I couldn’t take how the women would talk badly about each other and tear each other down and calling everyone a bitch. I couldn’t take how the men thought it was okay to disrespect women and just act a fool. I have another post on a the premise of a couple shows but you get what I’m saying.

I hope that someday, representation is not a problem with everyone, it matters. Every race, region, sex, orientation deserves to be represented.

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