Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Welcome to Natural Drea! This is my platform for talking about my life and my obsession  with beauty, natural hair, makeup and fashion. I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and starting to make the transition to here.

I started out on blogger and looking to expand and do more. I’ve been inspired lately to do more thought provoking pieces and I feel like I’m limited where I currently am. I feel like what I want to expand to is not going to fit my current platform. The transition is going to be slow but at some point, I will be fully on here. In the meantime, please check out my current platform RIGHT HERE!

I’m sure you want to know more about the woman behind the blog. I’ll give a brief intro and do a more in-depth post later. I reside in New Jersey, mother of an energetic and funny 6 year old and will be coming up on a year of marriage in June. I also love coffee, my favorite color is pink and I shop at Sephora too much lol.

I am so excited for this move and looking forward to this journey with you.

naturalle drea-2


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