On A Personal Note….

I am currently on a much needed break from work and on spring break with my son. It has been a while since I took a whole week off for spring break. I would take off a couple days or long weekend but I’m glad I was able to take this week off. Plus work has been extra crazy and busy. I’m glad that stressor from the office is gone and it feels so much better. It feels like a negative energy has been lifted and it just feels so much better. I’m not constantly being stressed out, not wanting to come into the office and constantly having to be on defensive mode. I feel so much better but still watching myself. I just feel a huge sense of relief.

Life overall has been pretty good. I’m still trying to get things organized and get these schedules together. I feel like I have my weekly cleaning schedule down pact but just trying to factor in the blogging/creating schedule. I’m most likely overthinking things but I will get it together one of these days lol. How have things been for you lately? Let’s chat!

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