Youtube Friday’s: April Current Obsessions..Hauls and More

Happy Friday and welcome back to the 30 minute weekend. I am so glad I am off next week with my son for Spring Break. I really need a break and love to take off with my son. We have some day trips planned out and of course I’ll take the time to somehow create content and clean and not think about work. Speaking of work, things got a little better and busier there. I am just relieved that one of my stressors is gone and I can breathe and not have to be on defensive mode anymore. It just feels good to work and not be super stressed out.

In today’s video I am sharing some of my current obsessions, mini hauls from Ulta and Sephora and a little giveaway for my subscribers there. I hit a milestone for myself (250) and wanted to do a little giveaway. I am always hesitant to do these because of how people may react if they don’t win, people only subscribe just for the giveaway and unsubscribe or the fear of no one entering. I know it will be okay but I do love giving back. Enjoy!

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