As A Mom…I’m really tired of this

If you don’t know, I have a wonderful 11 year old son. I already have that fear of raising a black son in my head and now the fear of sending him to school or even being out in public. I really had enough of the school shootings. Like, I really don’t understand what would possess someone to walk into a school where we trust our children will be safe while we are at work and just open fire. I really don’t get it and it just…. I honestly don’t have the words anymore. They are children…innocent children who deserve to grow up and not have their life taken at a young age.

When these things happen, I don’t speak on them too much because I don’t have anymore words or tears left. It already has been hard on me to have to sit my son down and explain about why innocent black men are being killed and having to be careful whenever he is out but now having to explain about these school shootings. It really is mentally draining for me. I’m still confused on what they plan on doing about this. Children…innocent children do not deserve this at all and I don’t know what it is going to take to fix things or start moving in the right direction. I’m confused as to why people don’t care about this enough.

There are days that I want to keep my son in a bubble and not let him out into the world to protect him, there are days I don’t even want to go out there myself or let my husband go out the house. I hate how things are now and it just seems like people don’t care about the really important issues and that is super scary to me. You mean to tell me people don’t care about trying to have some kind of gun control and not letting people go into public places and safe places and open fire. Like that’s not important? I hate that this is out reality and it honestly needs to change along with other things. I don’t want to live in fear anymore. I don’t want to cry or be angry anymore when these things happen. It is too much and we are long overdue for change. I want to know what I can do to help because it is becoming way too much. I know a lot of you that follow me are not parents but this is something that is so close to my heart. When will we see change? It is already too late.

I did have another post for today but I had to get this out. I feel like it is important that I do speak up on this but sometimes it is hard to, I am too emotional and upset to even say anything. I wonder if things will ever change or people will start caring more? I wonder.

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