Being Frenshe Review

I told you guys a lot of product reviews were coming. I have so many things I’ve been trying out and will be reviewing here soon. I think I need to stay off TikTok for a while because it really has been influencing me a lot but this is nothing new because social media has always been influencing a lot of my purchases and products I want to try. I like to see other honest and true reviews on things before I purchase them. There are a lot of things that I’ve loved, things I thought were okay and things I would never recommend. I saw this brand all over social media and of course it is sold in my favorite store, Target lol. I truly wanted to use these body care products for a week before giving my review on Being Frenshe.

Ashley Tisdale, famous actress( and don’t cancel me, I’ve never watched High School Musical…any of them) is the person behind Being Frenshe. It was created in 2020 and honestly I haven’t seen it in Target until 2022. I’m not sure if it was just online before or I wasn’t paying attention. She created this brand while on her mental health and wellness journey. She found that introducing fragrances into her daily rituals helped her moods and wanted to share that with us. I picked up the renewing body wash, milky body lotion, body and hair radiance oil and glow on perfume oil in the scent Cashmere Vanilla. I wanted to see how all the products would work together and how it would layer the fragrance. I have to say there are some favorites and some products were a bit of let down for me. Let’s hop into the reviews of each product.

Renewing Body Wash – I have to say this was my favorite out of everything. This cashmere vanilla smells so good, I love it! This body wash lathered really well and really cleansed the skin. I loved how the scent lingered and helped with layering the other body care products. I love the formula of this body wash and would repurchase this again. The price of this was 10.99 which isn’t that bad.

Milky Body Lotion – Now this is were the disappointment started for me. I do love how silky and lightweight this body lotion is. It is perfect for those who don’t like heavy feeling products but it did not keep my skin moisturized all day. By the time I got home, I was ashy which is no go for me. Maybe this product is better when it is warmer outside but it wasn’t good for this time of the year. I do have to say, this smelled really amazing too. Now I didn’t use this lotion by itself, I paired it with the body oil and it just didn’t keep my skin moisturized all day. This lotion has a price point of 14.99.

Body and Hair Radiance Oil – Now I was not planning on using this oil in my hair, just on the body. This is another lightweight product that absorbed right into the skin. This oil did not feel greasy or stained my clothes at all. I do wish this oil was a little thicker so it could help with better moisturizing my skin. I thought this oil was okay and would probably pick it up when it gets warmer out. This oil has a price point of 16.99.

Glow On Perfume Oil – This packaging was really deceiving because I thought I only got a little bit of oil based on how it looks but once you open it, you get a lot more which was a nice surprise.

I did struggle with the roller ball part and felt it was a little difficult to “roll on” at times but I do love this. The scent does linger through the day and just love it. This perfume oil retails for 14.99.

Overall everything is really affordable and smells amazing. I literally want to smell like this cashmere vanilla everyday. I really loved the body wash and perfume oil the most. I don’t totally dislike the body lotion and oil, just wish it kept my skin moisturized all day or the formula was a little thicker for me personally. I am pretty sure these products worked well with others and I honestly would recommend. I believe there are other fragrances if vanilla isn’t your cup of tea but I would recommend trying them out for yourself. Have you tried this line before? Let’s chat.

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