2023 Personal Goals

Last week I shared my creator goals and now it time for my personal ones. I feel like this year is all about taking better care of myself and just being better about things. I want to stop waiting until the absolute last minute to do something and be more on top of things. I just want to get out of this toxic cycle I’m in and just do better.

Taking Better Care Of Myself

Now there is a lot that goes into this one. I know the number one thing is being more physically active. I haven’t really worked out since 2020 and that is bad. I feel it and I am too young to be so sore and stiff and having all these pains. I’m used to feeling good when I look at myself and how I feel everyday. I can’t continue like this at all. I have started stretching every morning to get started and warm up my muscles for when I really start working out.

I also want to start eating better. I think I am doing pretty good so far and glad I made it a priority to take a lunch break at work. Remember when I started that job I wasn’t eating lunch until really late or not at all because of how busy I was. I made it a point to take an earlier lunch break and also have snacks at my desk. Just want to tap more into the fruits and veggie consumption more and also way more water. We just got a juicer which I’m excited about so I can start making healthy juice options for the family.

I also want to continue taking those mental health days or leaving work when I’m feeling pissed off and overwhelmed. My job is replaceable, I am not. I’m mad at myself for not taking off more days during the year but this year I will make it a point too. I can’t waste or lose my vacation days because I didn’t use them. I also want to get to a therapy session and stop being so scared to just go. I know it may take some time to find the right therapist but I’ll be glad when I finally get there.

Be More Financially Responsible

Whew this one. I have been trying to get it together for I don’t know how long and I think it is time now. I really want to be better with my money, saving and budgeting.

I’ve been trying to create budgets, savings goals, plans to pay down credit card debt, stop paying stuff late and so on and it just never takes off. I really want to hone in and really do this. It would make things so much easier and so much better. I just need to really sit down, figure out when bills are due, how much, base things off my pay ever month and so on. I also need to set a solid savings goal and make a plan to achieve it. I just want to be better with money and not feel so stressed about. I want to be at the point where I am not looking for each pay and counting down the days until I get paid again.

I feel like those are the only two major things I want to focus on this year, taking better care of myself and being more financially responsible. It seems like a lot within each goal but just want to take things one day at a time and work to crossing off each goal.

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