Fall Bucket List Update

I hope everyone enjoyed this holiday weekend if you celebrate Thanksgiving and hopefully you didn’t have to work. I had a great weekend, got to spend time with my family and enjoying much needed time off from work. I wanted to update you on my Fall Bucket List. I got the idea searching for blog post topics and thought it would be fun to create. Since we are super close to December and the start of Winter, I wanted to share the progress I made so far.

  • Apple and Pumpkin Picking
  • Visit a few wineries
  • Beer/Cider Festivals
  • Sit outside and enjoy the fire pit
  • Friendsgiving (which will be sometime next month)
  • Any Fall Festival
  • Attempt Making Pumpkin Spice Latte at Home again lol
  • Try making some Fall cocktails

Now I didn’t get to a lot of things on this list but I’m happy about what can cross off this list. I am kinda sad we didn’t get around to pumpkin and apple picking this year. I know a lot of the places near me are no longer doing them and getting ready for Christmas stuff. We didn’t get to a beer/cider fest but I know there will probably be more events like that for the Winter time. We also didn’t make it to a Fall Festival which is okay, pretty sure there will be Winter Festivals coming up. Now to get into what I did so far.

I love being outside and anytime I can be outside, I will take full advantage. We lit up the fire pit a couple times this Fall and it was just fun sitting out there enjoying the fire pit. I did a blog post on the winery I went to and really enjoyed it. I got to try a new brand of wine and found some new favorites.

Now I didn’t make Fall inspired cocktails but I did try out some new ones that I like. I made a lemon drop shot, lemon drop martini, Moscow mule mimosa and French 75. I really love playing bartender and expanding my skills on making cocktails. I find it to be really fun and trying to perfect the recipes I find online. I also want to expand my bar essentials with more tools and staple liquors to have on deck. I only got a picture of the Moscow Mule Mimosa that contains vodka, ginger beer, orange juice and Prosecco.

Oh, actually missed a couple things I haven’t crossed off this Fall Bucket List which are trying a pumpkin spice latte at home and Friendsgiving. I think I have most of the ingredients to make a pumpkin spice latte except for the pumpkin lol which I can easily find at the store and this whole Friendsgiving thing man….. I feel like I’m going to have to host one next myself because I really wanted to attend or be invited to one but it hasn’t happened yet.

Fall isn’t over yet and I still have time to cross a few more things off this list and can also move this over into Winter as well. I think I would like the create a bucket list for every season so I can do and try out more. Of course I’ll keep you updated on this. Have you created a bucket list before? Let’s chat.

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