Don’t Force Things

I know that I usually post Youtube videos just about every Friday but this week was a little crazy. I always say don’t force things and I literally do not force anything anymore. I used to be so stressed to set up everything, film, edit and be up all night and you can most likely tell in the video that I didn’t want to be there lol. I feel like I made things worse by staying later and being even more tired the next day.

I learned not to force things because it is needed or I have to post. It was more about listening to my body and my mind and if I wasn’t in the right mindset or my body was trying to tell me to rest, I’m going to listen. You will get to posting that content later and it will be okay. I just wanted to remind you all not to force things and listen when your body wants you to rest or take a break. I also don’t force things when I’m trying to do too much in the house. One Saturday or Sunday I had this huge to do list and my mind was telling me to relax and not do anything that day. I did deal with the guilt of not getting things done but I felt so much better listening and just relaxing that day. Yes I eventually got to those things but I’m glad I took a day to just do nothing.

You will feel guilty at first but it will be worth it when you feel so much better mentally and physically. It is okay to take that break, you most likely need it.

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