2022 Affirmations and Positive Mantras

I believe a year or two ago I created a affirmation/positive mantra board. I wanted to speak more positive things into my life and speak what I wanted into existence. I got a lot of those saying from other people and realized that I was speaking other’s goals and dreams onto myself. I do believe in the power of speaking things into existence but I needed it to fit my life and what I wanted to happen. I had to do my research and find the words for myself. I’m not sure if I’ll make another affirmation board but just wanted to share. What mantras/affirmation do you live by? Let’s chat.

You Got This!

You Are Amazing, Remember That!

Something Better Is Coming!

I Am Grateful For Everything I Have!

I Am Worthy Of A Wealthy Life!

I Am Releasing All Negative Emotions From My System!

I Am Proud Of Myself!

I Will Not Worry About Things That Aren’t In My Control!

I Am Black Girl Magic!

Its Okay Not To Be Okay And Admit It!

I Can Be Great, I Just Need To Believe It!

2 thoughts on “2022 Affirmations and Positive Mantras

  1. My affirmations and mantras are on the big sticky notes on my bathroom wall. I speak them whenever I am led to. Sometimes I speak them while I am brushing my teeth or washing my face. Sometimes I speak them when I am on my way out of my bathroom.

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