On A Personal Note….

Very random, I was listening to the Spice Girls the other day and I just love the Spice World album. I just love listening to music in general. I create playlist or put on my favorite album and just zone out sometimes or put on music to clean around the house. How are you guys doing? Can you believe Fall will be here soon? I’m still trying to figure out why Summer goes by super fast, I don’t like it lol. Fall is one of my favorite seasons if you didn’t know. I just love the weather, the deep Fall colors, the changing leaves, Fall activities and so much more.

Lately I’ve been trying to get it together lol. I just feel all over the place at times and its not good to feel that way. You know the meme that says you have like 50 open tabs in your brain and you don’t know which one is playing the music…yea that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I feel myself starting to try to do too much at once and that’s how I get really overwhelmed and stressed out. I’m still struggling with trying to put myself first and stop pouring from empty. It is hard when you put so much on yourself and trying to let go of that “Supermom” mentality because sometimes I can’t do it all. I just don’t want to burn out or anything but I seriously need to start putting me first.

I have also been debating on talking about my struggles with being a Black Woman in Corporate America and the things I’ve gone through at my past and current places of employment. On one hand I really need to tell my truth and not keep this bottled up but on the other hand what repercussions would come with me putting it out there. I know a lot of other people that may be dealing with this but I know if I do decide to, I won’t say the company or names of anyone. I do know there are people I used to and currently work with that know I have this platform and other ones. Honestly, I can’t be scared to put it out there because it really needs to be talked about and things really need to change in corporate America. They can replace me at work but I can’t be replaced in life.

There is another topic I think I want to open up about but I’m not too sure. It is something that I’ve been privately been struggling with and I know a lot of women deal with this as well. I know it is not a good thing to keep things bottled up and hold things in internally but that is a real bad habit of mine. I feel like other women would relate on this topic but again, I’m scared to even put it out there. I’m just afraid people may think I’m looking for sympathy or something but it is something I need to release so I feel better.

So yea, that is life right now. Basically trying to get myself together and stay mentally sane. I can only take things one day at a time but things will get better. How has life been for you lately? Let’s chat!

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