Favorite Accessories At The Moment

One thing about me is that I love wearing gold jewelry. It just looks so good against my complexion and it basically goes with just about everything in my closet. I do wear silver when it goes better with the outfit but majority of the time, I’m wearing gold lol.

I wanted to share some of the pieces I have been wearing and loving so much lately. Ironically they are all from the same company, Clarissa Lee Jewelry which is a Black Owned Business. I discovered this brand through someone I follow on YouTube. I just love everything I’ve purchased so far and love the small details when things are shipped to you like the hand written notes, how everything is packaged and so on. I highly recommend this brand because the jewelry is high quality and just amazing.

Aurelia Vintage Earrings

Reni Croissant Hoops

Zodiac Sign Chain

Rope Chain

Sorry don’t remember the name of the chain

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