Is Social Media Becoming Too Toxic??

This question came to me randomly as I was driving home one day and decided to expand it into a blog post. As much as I love social media, it really is starting to become a little too toxic. I remember when it was about fun, discovering new people, connecting, networking and so on but it has spiraled into something else that a lot of us do not recognize at all. Giving away my age, I was on Facebook when it was just for college students lol. It was fun seeing where people you know go to school, who that cute guy was you met at the party and so on. When it opened up to everyone, I feel like it became a over sharing, political arguing platform. I found myself muting and unfriending people and not enjoying the app so much.

I remember when each of these platforms had their own purpose and unique features…now they all are in competition with each other and starting to look the same. It seems like they are also forcing us to use the same songs and do the same things to cater to their “algorithms” which is suffocating our creativity. We are supposed to express ourselves creativity on these platforms and it seems like your content is not pushed out as much if you go against it. It is all just crazy.

Also people really have the audacity to say anything on this app and basically hide behind the phone or keyboard. You can’t even post anything without someone’s criticism, unwanted suggestions or just being plain ignorant. It’s especially hard for parents because everyone has an opinion about how to raise someone else’s kids or telling them they are being bad parents and so on. It can be a lot to put your life out there for someone to tell you that you are doing life wrong. Crazy right?

I’m also noticing people are taking more breaks which you need but sometimes those breaks turn into people not returning to social media. I totally understand. There are times I wanted to step away multiple times but I enjoy what I do but it is getting to be super toxic on here. I just hope things start to get better because who knows the fate of social media if it continues like this. What are your thoughts? Let’s chat!

3 thoughts on “Is Social Media Becoming Too Toxic??

  1. I don’t think it’s becoming too toxic . Just a little. I’ve had a few mean comments and that’s it. Not too many that I can count on both hands😂 Honestly I had to take a break for physical health reason. I gotta put me first 🤣 Love the blog. No but honestly I did had to hide my stories from a few people I know I’m real life. I feel like they are just being nosy. I had to for my peace of mind. They can say a few things in real life that just make me feel a type of way. Happy Friday Eve.

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  2. Total agreement with everything you saying. Well hopefully people can learn to use it moderately and in a healthy manner while stepping away as a need because it’s a need.
    Social media is toxic if you ask me.

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    1. I agree! I feel most of us have to be on it every minute of the day so you don’t miss anything but breaks are always needed. Thanks for reading!


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