On A Personal Note….

Just wanted to do a quick life update, check in. I know in my last post, I was really going through it with the crap going on at work and just life in general. I realized that I can’t let people who are so miserable and toxic get to me….my positive light and spirit must really irritate them. I have to keep working and mind my business. I feel so much pressure being a woman of color and feeling like everyone expects so much more out of me and it’s hard. I don’t want to keep putting on this facade like everything is okay and I’m so happy to be here at work. There are times I really don’t want to walk in the building and deal with the negativity and drama or have to sit there and hold my tongue and deal with someone’s disrespect. It really is a lot.

I’m just trying to hone in on finding my happiness and not letting others get to me. It is truly sad that there are miserable people out there that get a joy in causing chaos, drama, making environments toxic and so on. It really is sad and I pray for people like that. I hope they find peace and figure out the source of their misery. I just can’t let that get to me or let it bother me anymore. If my light and spirit keep bothering then, it’s too bad and not my fault at all.

So life is life right now but trying to look at things from a different perspective. I’m going to continue taking things one day at a time. How are you? How’s life treating you so far in 2022? Let’s chat.

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