On A Personal Note…

I just can’t get over how it is already November and Thanksgiving is next week! I’m just ready for a short work week, cooking and spend some time with family…..oh and also sleep in a bit if I can. I know I need to start my Christmas shopping as well for my son because I know he’ll be asking for a lot of toys as he always does lol. I’m also ready to decorate for the holiday season and wonder how it will be this year with the dog lol.

It has been getting busier at work and doing my best to keep up and maintain. I have been taking breaks if I need to, eating lunch and also noticing some other people in the office are starting to take a lunch as well. I notice a big difference going about my day when I take the time for lunch and for small breaks as I need them. I am still working on the breaks and taking better care of myself at home but I’m getting there. I don’t feel like I’m forcing things as much and just tackling things one at a time. I really want to get in the habit of practicing self care for myself before the end of the year.

Overall, I’m doing okay. I have my days per usual but doing but it seems to be more good than bad days. I really have been thinking on how to grow my social media outlets and other streams of income. I’ll figure it out but hopefully you all are doing well. Have a great start to your week and see you guys Thursday!

Also side note, I have not been able to figure out how to put gifs on here anymore. The site changed where I can’t copy a link and I’m a little upset about it lol. I have to keep trying to figure it and play around with things.

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