Youtube Friday’s: Naturalle Drea’s Makeup Series: Conceal, Contour, Highlight and More..

The weekend is finally back! What do you normally do on the weekends? I get to sleep in a bit, catch on some tv, spend time with my family and get ready for the next week. Sometimes I do have those lazy weekends were I’m in bed or on the couch and binge watch shows. I’ve been trying to catch up on The Blacklist, for some reason we stopped after season 1 lol. But I hope you relax and enjoy the weekends when they come around.

Today I am continuing my makeup series with concealing, contouring, highlighting and more. I believe there are 2 more videos in this series that will be live next week. Hopefully you have been enjoying it so far. Let me know some of your favorite makeup products! See you guys tomorrow!

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