Youtube Friday’s: Nighttime Skincare Routine

The weekend is almost here and I’m excited. Well for one, its the end of the work week, and two celebrating my son’s birthday! I know some of you are not moms but I’m proud of my son and he’s just growing too fast. I think I may cry.

Anyway we are talking about skincare today. I have been working on my skincare routine for a while now and think I have a solid one down for day and night. I am still testing out some products but they have been great so far. I wanted to share my current nighttime routine and its pretty simple and easy.

What are some of your favorite skincare products? Comment below and let me know. Have a great weekend and see you guys Tuesday!!

2 thoughts on “Youtube Friday’s: Nighttime Skincare Routine

  1. These products looks so bomb. I use my turmeric soap, manuka honey face scrub and mask. Sis I absolutely love your content and what you bring so much to the blog community for us!

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