May Monthly Goals

Welcome day 28490 of social distancing/quarantine life lol. It feels like it has been such a long time but I think I’m pretty used to this by now. I don’t know how I feel about things starting to open up now, I’ll wait a little while longer before really get back to being outside.

I have been really making some progress with my monthly goals. I feel so accomplished every time I complete a goal and can cross it off my list. It just feels amazing when you get closer to achieving all the goals that you set for yourself. Today I am setting some new goals for May.

Create/Draft Logo for Naturalle Drea

Apply Tips/Tricks Researched About LinkedIn

New Profile Pictures For Social Media

Keep Researching Final Cut Pro

Do you have goals set for May? Have you been keeping up with your goals since the quarantine started?

7 thoughts on “May Monthly Goals

  1. My main Goal for May is stay intentional about the things I want to accomplish. I’m focusing on prioritizing and crossing things off my list. I made a list on my planner and as long as I get those things done, then I’m good for the week – even it spills over into my 2 off days Saturday & Sunday, at least those things are off my lost and I feel accomplished.

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    1. Those are really great goals, it is good to stay intentional about things you want to accomplish. I need more work on my to-do list but we got this!


  2. Setting monthly goals has helped me to accomplish so many different things. Just like you, I make sure to set a minimum of two goals (4 goals maximum) to achieve each month. I love working towards and achieving the goals I set for myself. This month, my intentions are to reach out to more people and continue growing my blog.

    Great post!!

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    1. Thank you! The monthly goals really do help and love when I do achieve them as well. Good luck with your goals this month!


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