April Monthly Goals Update

The more we are in this social distancing/quarantine situation, the more I am feeling this new normal. Yes I miss going out and about when I want to but I am feeling a sense of calm and stillness at times. I have my moments but it is more of an easy feeling for me. I know we are all waiting for the okay to step out again and enjoy things again including myself.

I have been really making some strides with these monthly goals and feel so good when I can accomplish them. So how did I make out this month? Let’s see…..

Work On Waking Up Early

This has always been a struggle for me, especially now since I don’t have to commute far to work, just from the bedroom to the living or dining room lol. I always wanted a set morning routine where I would wake up early before everyone, get washed up and dressed, enjoy some quiet time and so on. I have always been a person who loves to sleep in and enjoys my sleep lol. I try to get every single minute I can before I really have to be up and in front of my laptop lol. This is something I really need to keep working on in order to achieve my goal.

Research How To Create Pins for Blog On Pinterest

I actually started this before setting this goal and started posting a few pins on Pinterest. It did take a while to find a design, wording and so on but I think I got the hang of it. I will be doing this more often to have more of a presence on Pinterest. I mainly used it for my wedding and other stuff but I see the benefits it can have for your platform. If you are on Pinterest, follow me at Naturalle Drea.

Research How To Use LinkedIn and Get The Most Use Out Of It

If there is one platform that I am having trouble with, it is LinkedIn. I don’t use this platform for my blog, I use it for professional reasons and struggled with how to really use it. XO Necole posted this article on 6 ways you can boost your profile and I found it to be super helpful. If you want to read it, here is the article: https://www.xonecole.com/increase-your-visibility-on-linkedin/

I am going to work on these tips next month and see how it helps me with utilizing LinkedIn.

Explore Final Cut Pro, Research How To Use For Editing

I have no clue why this editing software intimidates me so much. I have been on here and tried playing around on my own but will need to watch more tutorials and do some more research. I am just so comfortable with iMovie which is a step down from Final Cut Pro. If I can get iMovie down like a pro, I feel like I can master this.

This month was pretty successful with these goals. I ma moving forward and like the progress that is being made. Did you have any goals set for this month? How are you making out with them?

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