Unexpected Thankfulness

I always wondered why we only give thanks on Thankgiving and not the other 364 days. Life is always happening and I’ve learned over the years to be thankful everyday. I’ve learned to be thankful for everything that happens in my life, the good, the bad, the unexpected and so on. There were some things that I learned to be thankful for this year that were a bit unexpected.

I want to thank my online tribe/community first for your support. You guys keep me going and pushing through the frustration of being a content creator. I have those times when I want to give up and not do this and I get a notification for a comment or a DM that just warms my heart. I know there are a lot of silent supporters as well and I honestly appreciate you so much! I’ve learned to put my focus into those who do support me because you guys matter more than the non-supporters.

I’ve learned to be thankful for the fails, disappointments, losses, things that didn’t work out, frustrations and so on. All of those things have taught me lessons and helped me navigate life. I’ve learned how to better react when something doesn’t work out and look at the positive. I’ve learned to not give up or feel like I failed but to get right back up and keep trying.

Lastly I’m thankful for patience. I told GOD my plans for this year and HE laughed. It wasn’t what was planned for me and I’m thankful for being shown this and learning to be patient and wait. You know the saying, good things come to those who wait.

I hope everyone enjoys time with family and friends and all the Black Friday shopping lol (let me know what you guys plan on picking up this weekend) I’ll be back to my regular schedule next week so see you guys Thursday!

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