Fearless Con 2018

It is something about being around some boss women who are ambitious, go getters, confident and just fearless that really inspires me. I love being in a no judgement zone where women can come together, make new connections and walk away feeling more empowered and inspired. This is what the Fearless Conference is all about.

I had planned on vlogging during the conference but after the first speaker, I wanted to live in the moment and enjoy the conference instead of worrying about catching footage on my camera and on social media. I was on social media during the conference but it felt good to just enjoy and soak up this information I was learning.


This was the 4th year of Fearless Con and I was so excited to be in attendance this year. I last attended in 2016 and had an amazing time. Fearless Con was founded by Melissa Alam who created this conference after the frustration of not finding conferences that were geared towards diverse and creative women. The two day conference is filled with panels, workshops, happy hours, networking and so much more.

Day 1 of the conference was filled with some amazing bosses who gave us the tools to make our brands and businesses better. We heard from Christina Blacken who taught us how to shift our inner fears , Tamara Darden who taught us how to take dope pics on our phones, the founders of Soom Food who taught us about the strategies for growing a business and even our fearless leader Melissa had a workshop on web design. I really took away so much from each workshop that I attended.




After a day filled with workshops, lunch and shopping, it was time for a fun happy hour. I met some amazing women and played this fun game called Nasty Woman. If you watched the 2016 debate, you would know the reference lol. I loved playing the game, it was just so much fun. I highly recommend this game for your next girls night.


Day 2 was filled with the panels in this really cool space. It used to be a high school but now a community space and I just loved how they decorated it to make it so welcoming.




The day started off with breakfast and I was obsessed with the loaded French toast from Lokal Artisan Foods Group. I had two helpings of it lol (yes it was that good)!


The women who spoke on day 2 were so powerful, motivating and inspiring. We heard from women from all backgrounds, nationalities and professions tell us that it is an amazing time to be a woman and we can do anything.


During the lunch break we had the chance to shop with some local vendors and take some pictures.

After the panel was another fun happy hour. I didn’t want to leave because of this gorgeous view of the city and I was having too much fun lol!

We all just talked, danced, enjoyed some drinks and food and just had a great time. It was the perfect ending to this conference.

Overall, this conference was just everything! I walked away feeling more empowered and proud to be a women. If you are ever in the Philadelphia area, I recommend attending this conference. I can’t wait for next year! See you guys Thursday!!

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