Black Owned Business Feature: Bariki Body Care

Are we really in July already? Like where did June go? Summer really needs to slow down lol! Well speaking of July, here is this month’s Black Owned Business Feature.

I came across Bariki Body Care on Instagram, I believe she started following me and I have to say, the owner of this company is so dope. She is super encouraging and supportive. I love interacting and talking with her online, just so down to earth. I love business owners that are so interactive on social media and easy to talk to.

Bariki Body Care was created in 2007 after trying to find natural, organic and safe products on her children’s skin. She started creating products in her kitchen and it just evolved from there. All the products are cruelty free and vegan so you know what you are putting on you body and skin.

I have to say I am obsessed with the body butter and the face mask pictured above. The body butter has a smooth, silky texture that leaves your skin feeling super moisturized and soft. It absorbs into your skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. This face mask is just so amazing! I love how my skin is just glowing and radiant after using it.

Bariki Body Care has a variety of products from the body butters to products for babies, natural deodorant, men’s products and so much more. I hightly recommend checking them out and grabbing something. You can check them out right here:

Hope you guys enjoy the holiday and see you guys Friday!

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