Mother’s Love

We are coming up on Mother’s Day and yes I do agree that we should love and celebrate our moms every day. Sometimes it is nice to have an extra special day. I have a very energetic, smart, sweet 7 year old son. You have probably seen him make a few cameos in my Youtube videos lol.

Parenting is tough to be honest and I am still learning. I feel like there are different levels to parenting as they grow. I find myself sometimes worrying and wondering if I am doing the right thing, is he going to turn out okay, am I being a good mom? I am at that phase where kids act like they don’t hear anything you say and you find yourself repeating things one too may times. I am trying to find my way on this parenting level but glad I have someone to help with raising this kid.

Yes you may hear some moms complain about their kids and not having privacy (which is true lol) and so much but we love these little humans we carried and brought into this world and couldn’t imagine life without them. It is just an unconditional love that is just so amazing. I just can’t get over how big my son is getting and you just want time to slow down a bit so you can enjoy them at this stage before they grow up and start asking you to borrow your car or for money lol.

I am pretty sure I drove my mom crazy ( and I think I still do lol) but thankful for all the lessons she taught me. Funny story, I was learning how to do stuff on my own and of course didn’t listen to my mom when she was trying to tell me how to wash clothes. I thought the detergent was already in the washing machine and all I had to do was throw the clothes in there and they would get clean. Little did I know I was moving around dirty clothes in water. I still laugh about this and learned my lesson after that day lol.

As much as I didn’t listen (now I know where my child gets it from) I figured out those lessons on my own and always thought about what she was trying to teach me. I learned how to be independent and do things for myself. I learned how to stand on my own and do things for myself and if I need help, I know how to ask for it. I am so thankful for all her love and support of me and glad she is able to see me as a mom now.

I hope to continue learning about motherhood and that I’m steering my son in the right direction. Motherhood is one of the most important jobs I’ve had in my life and I love everything about this job. See you guys tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Love

  1. Awwww!! I love this post!! I miss my mommy 😭. She passed in 97 and I still get all emotional on M’sD. Your son looks just like you! Too funny how you thought the washing machine already had laundry detergent 😆😆😆

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    1. Aww I miss my Grandma, she was such a big influence in my life, like another mom. Thank you, I still think my son is my husband’s twin lol! I still laugh about that story whenever I wash clothes lol!


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