Black Owned Business Feature: Rich Coast

I’ve noticed in the past couple weeks there has been an influx on my blog searching for black owned businesses. I know I stopped these posts a while ago but feel it is really important to bring them back. In the current state of this country, we need to uplift and support our own. IContinue reading “Black Owned Business Feature: Rich Coast”

June Monthly Goals

Before I get into today’s post…..the actions of last week and what has been currently going on has been so emotionally draining for me. I honestly can’t even put into words what I’ve felt and still feel. I’ve been angry, infuriated, sad, confused and so much more. I can’t understand why people do not getContinue reading “June Monthly Goals”

Just Needed To Get This Out Because I’m Not Okay…..

I had to go back and reference my other platform but I wrote a piece right after Philando Castile was murdered. It triggered me because his daughter was in the car when it happened and being a mother it really affected me. I debated back and forth to even write something because I was scared.Continue reading “Just Needed To Get This Out Because I’m Not Okay…..”

Quick Quarantine Makeup Tutorial

I know Zoom meetings, FaceTime and Google chats are at an all time hight during this whole social distancing situation. It is the only way people can be together all at once. Sometimes you don’t care how you look and sometime you want to put a little extra effort into it. I know we mayContinue reading “Quick Quarantine Makeup Tutorial”