Future Of Influencing??

Listen, I had this thought the other day about the future of influencing. The world of creating content has changed so much and in light of what has been going on lately, is there a future for it? There has been so much drama and controversy going around with being an influencer or someone who creates content. I’ve been in this space for about 10 years now and seen creators come and go, changes on how we present content and so on. I’ve seen a lot of the good, bad and the ugly of it all. I’ve been trying to find my way in this space for so long and figure out how to stand out and of course the overall goal of being successful in this space. It has been rough the past couple of years and seeing a lot more people criticizing, ridicule, mock and “cancel” creators and influencers and I can understand why.

There are influencers out there that are not very nice, those that lie about the products they have been sent or review, those that have really ugly attitudes and are somewhat bullies….and there are those that are super nice, sweet, down to earth, interact with their audience and you trust their reviews on products. It seems like these bad apple influencers are ruining things for us that are trying to find our way in this space. The public is starting to not trust us, de-influence and so on. It is kind of sad because I love this space, I love creating content and reviewing products and so on. I’m always honest about my reviews on products and things I’ve tried out. I just feel the future of this is sort of not heading in a good direction. If people can’t be honest about the products they are reviewing, what makes you think people would trust any of us?

I feel like the good can outweigh the bad in this instance and influencers won’t be labeled so terribly. But on the other hand, I’m not too sure. I just want people to be honest about the products they are trying, even if it is sponsored or not and continue to held accountable when they do something wrong and they actually act like they are sorry instead of posting fake tears and apology videos. I just feel like the environment of influencing needs to change and move in a more positive direction. We are always going to need people that “influence” us but will it be around for much longer?

What are your thoughts? Let’s chat.

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