Writing In Real Time

I am currently sitting at my dining room table with a glass of wine (more will follow this one lol) because today drained me. I just realized I didn’t finish planning out the posts for this month and what Youtube videos I’ll be filming as well. I’m trying to do a better job at planning out things and scheduling in advance so I don’t have to worry or doing things last minute. But on the other hand, you can’t help it because life. I do love posting in real time like this as well.

Listen, today I was pretty stressed out with so much going on during the day. It just felt like non stop working until about 2pm and I made it a point to sit in my car and actually have a lunch break without being in front of my laptop working and responding to emails. It felt good to be in silence, really eat my lunch and I planned out my week as well. Sometimes I don’t like how demanding my job can be because it feels like I’m not allowed to be overwhelmed, I just have to get the work done and it is not healthy. I’m glad I stepped away to gather myself and calm down because I was actually ready to post something super angry about being a Black Woman working in corporate America. I really feel that way too much is put on us to over achieve and work 10 times as hard to be noticed or be believed that we actually work but the other counterparts can do the bare minimum and get praised for it (you know who I’m talking about in this). It is super frustrating and annoying when you actually work. I know sometimes I can miss some things, maybe make a mistake once in a blue moon but just know I do own up to my mistakes and want to learn from them. I just feel like I’m not being paid what I’m worth.

But let me stop talking about that before I get worked up again. I just need to take more breaks from work so I can be in a better mental space. I love the world of Human Resources and want to stay in it but it shouldn’t be super stressful like this. I am super thankful to have a job so I can pay the bills and maintain this life. It can be a lot living paycheck to paycheck and wondering if you need to get a side hustle to survive or job hop or just do something else. It can be a lot mentally but I had to remind myself that life is going to throw you some stuff to see how you handle it and life will give you things when you are ready for them.

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