YouTube Sunday’s:March Empties

Happy Sunday everyone! Hopefully you all had a good 3o minute weekend before getting back to the work week. I always wondered if you think on Sunday as the start of the week or Monday. I feel like Sunday is the start of a new week and Monday is the start of the work week if you don’t work on the weekends. Let me know your thoughts.

In today’s video, I am sharing some products I have used up and products that I am getting rid of because they are just collecting dust lol. Have you tried anything mentioned? Let’s chat!

~***Drea Notes***~

Have you watched The Strays on Netflix? We watched it over the weekend and I was disappointed. I thought the movie was going to be different based on the previews but it was a let down. Let me know if you watched it.

It is crazy how fast basketball season for my son is almost over. He did really well and now trying to decide what Spring sport he wants to do. We tried track last year and he was really good but thinking of spring soccer.

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